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Project Description:

“Almas de la Plaza Santa Fe” is a temporary video installation exploring some 400 years of Santa Fe history through acted narratives, oral history and personal account.

Working with an assembled team of multimedia production students from IAIA, Highlands University and College of Santa Fe, Robert Drummond Studio initiated this piece in December of 2009. Local actors and storytellers have brought the work to life with their talents. Casting by Sheryl Roberts.

This installation was made possible by the New Mexico Film Office, New Visions “Experimental" Award, funding from the Judith McBean Foundation and the generous support of the City of Santa Fe Mayor's Office, Land Use Director and Constituent Services Manager.

Production Crew

  • Carlos Mendivil
  • Kevin Atkinson
  • Merrit Hughes
  • Emily Fedorowski
  • Kiera Lasiloo
  • Eric Maldonado
  • Carlo Martinez
  • Jessie Murray

Technical Coordinator

  • Leif Percifield

Project Manager Director

  • Maggie Hanley Welles


  • Robert Drummond

I was assigned the task of creating a graphic that portrays a variety of Santa Fe, New Mexico's most iconic historic figures in front of the Historic Catron Block Building. I used visuals from the video installation as inspiration for the following graphic and headline.